One Drop of Water is PRECIOUS!

‘Life’ is another name of Water.It’s a great necessity of our daily life. Day by day this precious item of our life is getting dirty and unhealthy for people.Unfortunately,sufficient safe potable water is not available everywhere in the country.Gradually,the demand of bottled water is reaching its height rapidly.

People are beARFC-30-BPMcoming more conscious about their health especially in cities and metro cities.Mineral water is gaining trust and reliability with its water quality standards since many years.

Nowadays,there are many mineral and package drinking water plants in different places of India.To get assured quality and pure water people are relying on mineral waters sold in the market.

The plants use various innovative,robust design and advanced technology based machines gaining trust from people.In water packaging plants,this mineral water is produced and the operations are done in a complete series viz;water purification,bottle filling and finally making it ready for marketing.The whole process of purification is done in a very clean, smooth and precise way.

There are different types of models of this water packaging plants like Compact Water Treatment Plants, another is Mineral Water bolting Plants and Package Drinking Water plant and many more.
Mineral S.S.MicronFilters
Package drinking water plants are mainly used in beverage industries for processing of package drinking water,beverages, juices etc. In these plants there are various types purification process involving rising, filling, capping and finally water sterilization.These plants are being designed for minimum economically viable capacity.

Mineral water plants use mineral water treatment systems and mineral water treatment project to produce pure and final treated water as per IBWA Standards.This system meets the demand of effective filtration and purifying thus restoring the water quality standards.

Thus, making it fit for the usage of different applications and gaining trust from people.The Water treatment plants often use different water treatment projects to describe their future prospects in order to secure the whole world.


Why Water Softening Plant Is An Important Option Nowadays?

The water we use for various purposes in life everyday can be basically categorized into two types, soft water and hard water.  When the water is low in its mineral contents such as iron, magnesium, calcium and others then it is soft water and on the other hand when the concentration of the mentioned minerals is high in the water then it is known as hard water.

R. O.Plant Pre-TreatmentSectionHard water is not at all suitable for drinking, cleaning, washing and other purposes while soft water is the most suitable one. There are many areas where the water is extremely hard and therefore it is mandatory in those places to implement some procedures that will help in removing the hardness from the water. In order to perform the procedures, a well devised water softening plant needs to be planned and thus there won’t be any hassle in procuring soft water.

One can find a unit for softening water in a mineral water or a packaged drinking water plant as these are the places that work with the motto of offering the purest water. At a water softening plant the softeners that are used can be classified into five main categories, namely, manual, semi-automatic, automatic, demand initiated regeneration (DIR) and off-site regeneration.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of using the softeners. As the water becomes soft, it enhances the durability of the appliances like washing machine, water heater, dishwasher and others that use water. The clothes which are washed with soft water also remain in good condition for a long time retaining the colour and softness for a long time.

On the other hand it is never recommended to water indoor plants, lawns and gardens as they contain high amount of sodium and that can be really harmful for the plants. For the same reason, it is not advisable to drink the soft water as the sodium content is not healthy as well.

Proper Water Treatment Process Can Rescue From Maximum Disease

The volume of water which is required in our body is around five to six liters per day but most of the times people miss out on this. It is always better to carry a bottle of water wherever you go as drinking water from the streets is not safe enough. Life and water are synonymous to each other and it is not healthy to consume the liquid which you are not sure about. The local hotels and food hubs generally use unpurified water which is not at all good for health as it lacks the presence of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, etc.

Bottle Water Processing MachineWhen a person is roaming on the streets and is out of the reach of good quality water then out of thirst he hovers around to catch hold of water in any form. He thinks of quenching his thirst with aerated drinks or the tap water which is widely available on the footpath. Having water her and there leads to constipation problems, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

With the right intake of good quality water, it is possible to combat the above mentioned problems quite easily. Drinking water in the morning in empty stomach washes out the waste materials from the body keeping the body light and the skin healthy.

Aqua has always been considered as a great medicine healing problems related to constipation. Apart from water, fruit juices can also be a good remedial option. Besides treating the movement of the bowels, pure water also works wonders in curing other health problems as well. It is essential to make sure that the water is purified in a water treatment plant is free of harmful chemicals which can be harmful for the health.