Marketing Techniques for Mineral Water Plant


The mineral water industry is growing by the day and has gained immense popularity in the world.

Water which is free and is widely available gets a price tag attached to it once it is purified in the water treatment plants. The water that we get from the natural resources are natural and has got all the essential minerals in it but along with the minerals it also consists of impurities, germs and certain bacteria that are not good for health. Hence to make water free from all the impurities it is important to treat it efficiently by eradicating all the germs out of it and retaining all the nutritious minerals otherwise people might fall ill after consuming it.

mineral_water plant

The mineral water plant has got wide range of equipment that is installed for the sole purpose of treating water and making it usable as well as drinkable. Water after going through innumerable steps of purification is bottled in packaged containers and is sold out in the departmental stores. These water bottles are bought by people at high prices. Thus, an entire business has grown up which has come to be known as the mineral water industry has been developed to provide the society water at its purest format. Now every business requires marketing. Even if mineral water is quite popular still it is important to market the different brands that treat the hard water making it suitable for drinking as using for other purposes as well. There are different marketing techniques that are applied by the brands for increasing the sale of their mineral water bottles. They are as follows:

(a)    Interesting advertisements with catchy slogans are good enough to grab consumers’ attention.

(b)   The packaging should be very attractive. People always prefer bright and lucid packaged bottles that are easy to carry.

(c)    Water is tasteless but hard water has got a peculiar taste that does not have that smooth feeling. The hard water gets softened in the water treatment plants and has a silky feel on the tongue.

(d)   Images have always been the prime attraction for the consumers. Everybody likes cool, alluring photos that catch their attention and enable one to buy the products. If the mineral water bottles have good pictures imprinted on them then it will eventually lead to an increase in the sale.

Thus these are some of the marketing plan for mineral water that are used to increase the sale.